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Everyone is invited to create an account and post their dance listings to the site, for free. But you can also become a sponsor!

$99 will 'sponsorize' ALL your listings in your account for a complete year

As a sponsor, not only are you helping to support this site for the whole dance community, listings you post are also given more visibility.

  • If you have images in your listings, the images will also be shown in rotation in the 'Our Sponsors' area at the top right of the front page, and the corresponding organizations, dance-styles, event and calendar pages.
  • You can add videos to your organization pages which visitors can watch
  • You can add follow-us links to your account, which will appear beside all your listings so people can follow you on twitter, facebook, and several other social media sites
  • A thank-you link to your organization is provided in the thousands of newsletters sent out by email each week
    • Becoming a sponsor isn't even expensive. Its just $99 / year plus HST . We can even give you a receipt - its tax-deductable as advertising!

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New Features for All Visitors

Here are some new features for all visitors.

(December 2013) Reminders
Log in to the site, and when you see events of interest, you can click to have us automatically send you email reminders before each of the events.

(November 2013) Improved Maps
1) You can now submit all dance events, not just 'dropin' dance events.
2) Tweet, Like, G+1 Links
3) What's Hot! Feature
4) Choose 'Satellite' on our maps and zoom into 45° street views in some larger cities.

(October 2013) Select Your Event Type
1) The main calendar now allows you to select the event TYPE you are looking for!
2) Contributors can now clone their existing listings instead of creating new ones from scratch.

(September 2013) Improved Dance Style & Calendar Pages
Select a dance style on the calendar and dance style pages, and it will also list ALL its substyles! The calendar for 'Tango', for example, now automatically lists all 'Argentine Tango' and 'Kizomba' events as well!

(August 2013) Weekly newsletters by email
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(July 2013) NEW! Add your picture or logo to your account
Login, click 'My Account', edit, then add your picture or organization logo. Optional

New Features For Sponsors

We have added two new features for site sponsors.

YouTube Videos

Sponsors can now show their YouTube videos directly on their organization pages on this site. We can support, on request, videos from other sites as well.

Follow Me

Sponsors can add a 'Follow Me' list to their account: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr and several others. All their listings will then show their 'Follow me' list of links.

And, as always, all sponsor's images in all their listings are shown in the 'Our Sponsors' area of the relevant pages of our sites.

For more information about Sponsorship, visit here.

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